Erich Hauser

Erich HauserErich Hauser’s career began at age five performing live Radio commercials for the Sunkist Orange Juice Company. Son of the late, Academy Award winner, Producer, Dwight Hauser, he was born and raised over a lake in the Sherwood Forest of Southern California. At age ten he hit the Play boards in “See The Jaguar” with childhood friend, Kurt Russell. After a summer serving as a page in the California Assembly under Jessie Unruh, he shed politics at the ripe old age of twelve and began developing his writing skills rewriting scripts for The Fugitive, Twelve O’clock High, and McHale’s Navy for his Dad at Warner Bros.

His debut in film came at fifteen when he starred in The Big Wild, Erich’s true life adventure story of a boy and his father stranded in the High Sierra for ten days without food, three with no water. The two became stranded because of an inaccurate topographical map. Because Erich left a compass reading, 338 degrees, North by North West, on the dashboard of their car, the Fresno County Search and Rescue team was able to locate and chopper them to safety.

He joined Motown Records as a staff writer, and later co-produced the group High Energy with Anna Gordy Gaye and her sister Gwyne Fuqua, manager of the Supremes. He formed the group Loophole and performed in clubs and concerts throughout the country until one day, he decided to return to his first love, film.

He and his brother, actor, writer, director, W.G. Hauser submitted a script to Paramount titled Youth in Asia. The studio bought it and it later became Uncommon Valor, Time Magazine wrote Sleeper of the Year. From there he co-wrote No Safe Haven.

His brother, Wings Hauser cast him in the Vietnam war drama Fire Base Gloria co-starring, Lee Ermey, Full Metal Jacket filmed in an active war zone in South East Asia, While filming a great battle scene, Erich’s helicopter hovered over the fire base. At once an over packed bomb was set off, and a great mushroom cloud enveloped the area sucking the oxygen out of the air around the chopper. Without oxygen a helicopter cannot stay aloft, and it didn’t. It dropped fifty feet and crashed. He escaped death and filming ceased for at least a half hour.

He and his brother made the trek to Africa, Wings starring, and Erich performing on-site re-writes on the film, “Living to Die.” While on location in SWETO, home of Mr. Nelson Mandela, they were caught in a riot. Armored cars entered the township, gas canons spraying bullets cracking, night sticks swinging, people crying. When the smoke cleared several were injured, some were dead. Days later he was approached by the International Red Cross, and asked if he would be interested in inspecting the working conditions of miners at Kinross, the deepest mine in the world. He accepted, suited up, climbed into a flimsy wooden 20 x 20 cage with several other miners, and commenced to free fall 200 meters per second hanging by a sting thin cable. Minutes later they reached the end of the line seven miles below the earth.

Back in the U.S.A, he spent sixteen weeks in Page Arizona writing additional dialogue on Beast Master II. Surprisingly, this location served up some of the harshest natural elements a production company would face. Out of the 100 cast and crew to start, Erich was one of fifteen original members to complete the film, and loving it every minute.

Other projects include; The Armageddon Boys, Writer, Doc Holliday, The man and the Legend Starring Erich Hauser. Erich is the Founder, and former Chairman of The Westwood Movie Dedications.

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