Hauser Family History

Erich Hauser, Executive Producer and CEO of Avatar is part of a heritage in the Los Angeles Entertainment industry.

Dwight Hauser, Erich’s father, had memorable career as a motion picture and television writer, director, producer which began at age 15 as a banjo strumming music man on the Ackerman-Harris Vaudeville circuit. Actor, writer, and producer, a man who wanted to leave the world a better place – and did – for having just been in it. He began his career at the Pasadena Playhouse with his closest friends, – including George Reeves (_”Superman” (1952)_), Robert Preston (The Music Man (1962)), and Dana Andrews, amongst other golden era legends. Married to Geraldine T. Hauser, who was dubbed the “matron saint” of Lake Sherwood’s “Teen Canteen” and was a theatre actress brought up in Carmel, California.


His credits include:
“Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” (1956-1964)
… aka “Disneyland” – USA (original title)
… aka “Disney’s Wonderful World” – USA (new title)
… aka “The Disney Sunday Movie” – USA (new title)
… aka “The Magical World of Disney” – USA (new title)
… aka “The Wonderful World of Disney” – USA (new title)
… aka “Walt Disney” – USA (new title)
… aka “Walt Disney Presents” – USA (new title)
– Nikki, Wild Dog of the North: Part 2 (1964) TV episode (writer)
– Nikki, Wild Dog of the North: Part 1 (1964) TV episode (writer)
– A Fire Called Jeremiah (1961) TV episode (writer)
– Perilous Assignment (1959) TV episode (narration written by)
– The Crisler Story/Prowlers of the Everglades (1957) TV episode (teleplay)
Ama Girls (1958) (writer) Winner of Academy Award
Portugal (1957/I) (writer) Nominated for Academy Award

Dwight HauserDwight Hauser

Dwight Hauser










Wings Hauser, Erich’s brother got his start at the Conejo Players in the Operetta “Immortal Melody” written by his father Dwight. Wings Hauser, proud to be married to his young music and filmmaking partner: actress/filmmaker, Cali Lili Hauser. Having often been compared to Richard Widmark for some of his “mean” roles, Wings has played a remarkable variety of equally remarkable roles in films and on TV. After a high-school career centered in sports – his name “Wings” is taken from the “Wing-back” position he played in football. Wings chose to lean toward the arts – acting and music (including an album of his original music for RCA) – instead of pursuing professional sports. Having descended from an artistic and talented family, this choice was a heartfelt one. Wings is the son of writer/producer/actor Dwight Hauser, who worked on (amongst many other projects) the classic “Whistler” radio series. Son of the beautiful Geraldine Hauser, (who was the daughter of author Tom Thienes)

Erich and Winger were in Siege At Firebase Gloria which was shot in the Philippines .



















Erich, Cole and Wings Hauser

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